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A New Day for Illinois- Subscriber Email

“First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you.

Then they fight you. Then you win.”

Chicago Tribune Tower boardroom – quoting M. Gandhi

Our Vision is one of a “proud Illinois with reputation of opportunity and integrity where citizens and institutions can flourish.”  Yesterday, Illinois took a giant leap forward to that New Day.

State rep Roger Eddy (R-Hutsonville) “suspended his campaign” taking the golden parachute rather than fight a tough race.

Last fall against all institutional force, Shelby County Republican Chairman Brad Halbrook decided to run against an East-Central Illinois republican powerhouse. Historically in Illinois, this just isn’t done. Showing raw courage, a tremendous work ethic and backed by a grassroots army of passionate volunteers, the impossible become reality.

This is what true public service is all about… citizens promoting and advocating the first principles of limited government.  Team Halbrook always believed, never questioned and executed on an impossibly heavy lift.  It’s work that would make Washington smile.

This movement depends on courageous people: donors, activists and candidates.

Special thank you to Ty Fahner, former Attorney General of Illinois and founder of We Mean Business PAC, gave Halbrook the critical financial support to run a credible campaign.

This campaign model brings Illinois back from the abyss. Tremendous candidates like Brad, running on bold public policies, backed by a principled business community and a motivated army of activists – those are the ingredients necessary to challenge Illinois’ failed status quo.

On Wednesday, February 29, we’ll re-double our efforts by rolling out our For The Good of Illinois PAC “Blow Up Illinois Corruption” Money Bomb. My wife Kerry Andrzejewski is matching up to the first $10,000 contributed and you can get a head start today, click here.


Chairman | For The Good of Illinois PAC

PS. Help drive Brad Halbrook across the finish line by attending a campaign fundraising dinner featuring IL GOP House Leader Tom Cross at on Friday, March 2nd at Unique Suites & Banquet in Charleston. Click here for details.

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