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The Most Courageous Woman in America Today

I was fearful that any objection or other false move on my part would place my job in jeopardy… I felt considerably isolated and intimidated by this.  I felt sick to my stomach.
from sworn affidavit of IL State Agency (ISAC) Whistleblower


She’s 22 years old, newly married, four months pregnant, a farmer’s daughter from Southern Illinois and perhaps the most courageous woman in America this morning…

We broke this “State Agency” Scandal in June. Today, a spokesperson was forced to admit that tax dollars were used to send workers to a political rally …tax dollars from a state agency that is already bankrupt.

Her story is front page of Tucker Carlson’s www.DailyCaller.com website.  Her story is shaking Washington, D.C. this morning, here.

Can one person change the world?  Marcy’s trying…

She blew the whistle on her troubled state agency using taxpayer funds to require her and up to 76 of her cohorts to attend Rainbow PUSH National Headquarters in Chicago- a roundtrip 500 miles from home.

She blew the whistle on being used as a political prop and staged as political support at rallies where Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi endorsed Jesse Jackson Jr for Congress.

She blew the whistle on a coordinated plan between her state agency, Rainbow PUSH and national Democratic leadership to load student up, promise to forgive student debt and thereby manufacture another built-in liberal voting block.

Today, this courageous young woman has exposed one of the most powerful women in the world (Pelosi), most powerful African American families in the country (Jackson), an entire state agency (ISAC)- and thereby the Governor (Quinn), and further exposed underbelly of the Illinois culture of corruption.

Would you have that courage?  She did.

Today, when you’re at work, with your kids, with your friends stand up for what is right.

Take Marcy with you.

Adam Andrzejewski

For The Good of Ilinois PAC | Chairman

PS. Read our full investigation, What’s the Matter with the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC)? Click herePlease support our efforts, here.


Please help us bring integrity and opportunity to Illinois. We demand transparency, accountability and limited government.  Please invest $25, $50, $100, $250 or $500 today.

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