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A Million Here, A Million There- Milton Township

 …and sooner or later you are talking about real money.

We are paraphrasing Everett Dirksen’s famous quote* because 100s of “small” government entities add up to real property taxes. Take Milton Township, a small”  unit of government with millions in the bank, where 10 employees cost taxpayers $1 million, and the supervisor doesn’t require accountability…

Read our full post:  What’s the Matter with Milton Township?

Here’s what we found: one employee went from “part-time” to “full-time” without an employment contract, job description, time cards, or job activity report. When pressed, the Township Supervisor couldn’t even find the personnel file!

And, we’re learning costly new verbs, like “morphed”.  As in… that township employee “morphed” from part-time to full-time in six years apparently without board notice, paperwork or memo costing taxpayers over $320,000 since 2004.

So, why does a small township matter?  Read, Why Milton Matters.

Across Illinois, we’ve led the way in exposing just how much “small governments” are costing you.

Using OpentheBooks.com, you’ll see:

Local village managers out-earning all 50 governors; Cook County school district treasurers out-earning the state treasurer and here; top  local park district directors out-earning the state director of parks and here; and the Billion $ Bureaucrat Club of 3,062 mostly local government types who collectively make $1 billion in total compensation.

Still not convinced?  Here are three more examples:

  1. Taxes for Taxi’s- $50 million– a handful of school districts, a limited number of taxi cab companies, most without negotiated “contracts”-  spend $50 million.
  2. Legal Pension Corruption– hundreds of private employees (not working for taxpayers) spiking salaries and padding their taxpayer guaranteed public pensions.
  3. Grayslake Wage Explosion– a small town reducing employees but exploding the payroll.

Start searching at www.openthebooks.com. You’ll find all the “small sinners” in your neighborhood and the huge costs they generate.



Chairman | For The Good of Illinois PAC

PS  Together, step by step we are dismantling the establishment that’s decimating Illinois. Please invest $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or $1000 in For the Good of Illinois PAC today.

* “A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking about real money.”  – Everett Dirksen

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  1. Comment by Lori Hilliard on July 4, 2012 at 2:03 am said:

    GREAT WORK to you & your team. I love posting the corruption going on in Illinois on FB & Twitter. But the best is showing ALL my Union friends how they have been dooped!!!