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Chicago Tribune Strongly Endorses Brad Halbrook (R-Mattoon)

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110th District:
Republican Rep. Roger Eddy, the Hutsonville school superintendent, recently withdrew from this race rather than defend his chronic sheltering of the status quo in public pensions and public education. Among the lowlights of Eddy’s career: his hard work to keep children mired in Chicago’s worst schools rather than give them a chance to get an education in a private school. He’s skedaddling from the House to take a job with the lobbying arm of the school boards.

Eddy was in jeopardy of losing the primary to Shelby County GOP chairman Brad Halbrook of Mattoon, who owns a fencing company.

Halbrook would speak hard economic truths to the powers in Springfield. He says he would vote for the three-tier pension reform plan now in play, but would like to see stronger action on that crucial issue. He wants retirees whose public pensions top $100,000 a year to pay for their own health care and favors curtailing retirement benefits for legislators. Those are among the reasons his conservatism initially worried Republican insiders who aren’t sure he’ll be a team player. They whisper about his independent streak as if it’s a problem.

But in recent days, influential Republicans have been endorsing Halbrook. He has our endorsement. Kevin Garner, a township assessor who lives in Toledo, also is on the ballot.

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