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Double Dipping Roger Eddy Makes $289,078 plus

$289,078…  That’s how much Roger Eddy makes every year from two taxpayer funded government jobs. The average household income in the 110th House District is $32,500. Eddy is earning over 9 times that in government compensation! While working families struggle to make ends meet, Roger Eddy is enriching himself on taxpayer dollars.  On total base salary, Eddy out-earns all Governors of the 50 states!

Please review Roger Eddy’s 2011 Salary Contract: click.

Two Salaries:                                               $181,969
Two Sets of Perks:                                        $21,905
Two Big Annual Pension Payments:           $85,204

Total Compensation:  $289,078

Click here for Roger Eddy’s “sick bank” account–  417 accumulated days worth over $261,000 at retirement.

How can Eddy make $289,078 at taxpayer expense?
From For The Good of Illinois, Click here to review the most updated Roger Eddy Compensation Analysis.
SOURCE:  www.forthegoodofillinois.com

With two base salaries equaling $181,969;  Roger Eddy outearns every governor of the 50 states.
Source: The Book of States 2010.

As Hutsonville Superintendent, Roger Eddy has a $107,400 salary. Please review his 2011-2012 contract, click here. He is required to “work” only 171 days per year. From the contract, a “working day” can be a weekend or even a holiday. But, Eddy is given additional flexibility. By excising his contractual right to 20 vacation days, 19 sick days, and 4 personal days, Eddy could be “on-the-job” only 132 days a year.

Eddy’s Illinois state taxpayer funded portion of his Teachers Retirement (TRS) payment was 22.4% of his pensionable salary in 2011. This amounted to $24,058. Confirmed in an email from TRS, teachers and administrators pay 9.4% of their pay, local districts pay .5% and state taxpayers pay 22.4%.

According to data from www.openthebooks.com and confirmed with the State Comptroller’s Office, in 2010 Roger Eddy made salary and leadership bonuses totally $74,569 as a Republican state representative. As 2011 numbers are published, we will update our analysis.

In addition, he received a per diem of $7,909 for food and lodging during legislative days and a $2,733 mileage reimbursement to cover commuting costs from his home to the capitol. These perquisites total $10,642. Putting this in perspective, the SALARY of a Texas state representative is $7,400 per year. Just Eddy’s state rep PERKS are 140% of the SALARY of a Texas rep.

Eddy’s Illinois state taxpayer funded portion of his legislative pension, General Assembly Retirement System (GARS) was 82% of his pensionable earnings. As Illinois pension expert Bill Zettler has pointed out, this sum amounted to $61,147. COGFA confirms the 82.25% number.


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  1. Comment by Mary C Binam on March 5, 2012 at 7:29 pm said:

    Not only does Roger Eddy recieve an annual paycheck from the tax payers his assistant superintendent also recieves two paychecks. One for the assistant job and one for administrative job as principal. This school district has an enrollment of about 500 students. Several members of Eddy’s family also work for Hutsonvill Unit 1 Schools. Someone isn’t paying attention to where taxpayer monies are going.