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REPORT: Lisa Madigan’s Political Patronage- 57 “Political Appointees” Receive $460,628 in Pay Hikes

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Attorney General Lisa Madigan

When it comes to waste of tax dollars, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Sources: openthebooks.com; interviews; internal Office of AG documents

While Illinois taxpayers are burdened with $9 billion in unpaid bills to service providers- including hospitals, doctors, senior centers, and women’s shelters, Attorney General Lisa Madigan gave nearly a half million dollars in raises to select employees.

The State is broke, but not if you’re a friend of Lisa Madigan.

The salary hikes handed out by Attorney General Lisa Madigan were given via “promotions” to 57 employees/pals amounting to $460,628 in additional annual taxpayer cost.

The salary increases average $8,000 per employee.  Review spreadsheet here.

Specifically, Lisa Madigan gave raises ranging from $1,656 to $20,004 to 57 “exempt” employees during the past two years.  The salary spikes vary from 3% to 44%. “Exempt” employees are non-union and not subject to political hiring restrictions.

The largest increase went to Kareem Kenyatta who experienced a 44% increase with a double promotion during a five month period.  From a Legislative Liaison to Deputy Director to Director of Legislative Affairs, Kenyatta went from $45,000 to $65,004, a $20,004 bump.

Promoted at age 29, Kenyatta’s rapid rise to the Attorney General’s chief lobbyist was even more peculiar.  Kareem didn’t have a law degree but instead was a former employee of House Speaker Michael Madigan.  Read article here.

The largest single raise went to Patrick J. Ryan who went from Executive Assistant to “Senior” Executive Assistant.  Ryan’s salary increased from $47,820 to 65,004, a $17,184 bump.

Last year, the Better Government Association and Associated Press studied Governor Pat Quinn (D), Comptroller Judy Barr Topinka (R), Secretary of State Jesse White (D) and Treasurer Dan Rutherford (R) and reported up to $281,000 in political appointee salary spiking.

For The Good of Illinois PAC is the first to study Attorney General Lisa Madigan.  We discovered that Madigan is the most egregious offender with questionable promotions and over $460,628 in patronage salary hikes.

Adam Andrzejewski
For The Good of Ilinois PAC | Chairman

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