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Our Agenda: Freeze, Audit & Repeal

Cut Taxes for Taxpayers.  End Waste, Fraud and Abuse in Government Spending.

With a Republican House Majority- we will pass legislation: 
1. Freeze Property Taxes for three years;
2. Adversarial Audit all state and local spending;
3. Repeal the 67% income tax hike
”  House Republican Leader Tom Cross

Republican Leadership: “Save Illinois Taxpayers” Pledge
Watch WGEM- NBC (Quincy) broadcast & Quincy Journal press conference video

Click here for our press release: “Freeze, Audit & Repeal” Agenda.

Yesterday, House Republican Leader Tom Cross and I kicked off our statewide “Save Illinois Taxpayers” Tour. Together, with Republican candidates for the legislature, we will put an end to the taxpayer abuse that plagues both state and local government.

Illinois is bleeding to death. Electing a Republican state legislature stops the bleeding.

From the Metro East (St. Louis) to the northern suburbs, our tour received great press:  Belleville News Democrat; Quincy Journal; WGEM- NBC (Quincy); Quincy Herald Whig; Quad Cities Dispatch; Illinois Review; Illinois Radio Network (IRN); and national radio coverage.

Across Illinois, Republicans pledge to:

1.      Freeze property taxes for three years followed by inflation plus population growth hard caps.
2.      Enact “Adversarial Audits” to hunt down and stop wasteful spending, end corrupt practices and eliminate mismanagement of taxpayer dollars.
3.      Repeal the 67% state income tax increase passed last year.

Read the “Save Illinois Taxpayers” Pledge.

Sign our “Freeze, Audit & Repeal” Petition.

Republicans have the proven plan!  We are demonstrating the courage to ”Save Illinois Taxpayers”.  Our candidates deserve your help and financial support.

Help us elect a new legislative Republican majority. Please use a credit card for a secure online investment today.

We need your help.  Together, we’ll Save Illinois.

Adam Andrzejewski
For The Good of Ilinois PAC | Chairman

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