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Preserving the American Miracle- Adam Andrzejewski & Lech Walesa at Freedom Works, Schaumburg

We have the power to become the most successful team
in ending political corruption and unethical business-as-usual in Illinois.

October 26th | Freedom Works | Schaumburg

With Lech Walesa in attendance, the crowd was full of energy.
Click here to watch- my remarks

It was an historic moment in Illinois politics.  With 800 people in attendance at Freedom Works in Schaumburg, I had the honor of sharing the stage with President Lech Walesa, who gave a brief talk about freedom and liberty.

Watch Walesa’s talk here.

President Reagan, Pope John Paul II, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Lech Walesa were the Big Four who successfully reversed communism on a peaceful basis.

Heading into the November elections, we need Walesa’s encouragement.  The good news is that the energy of the crowd was contagious.

During my talk, I talked about how this election is an inflection point for America. I described our “Save Illinois Taxpayers” Pledge- the blueprint for conservatives winning in a blue state.  Watch as I gave a detailed description of Illinois’ culture of corruption.  Click here to watch video.

If you think Illinois is hopeless and there is no future, take heart from Lech Walesa. Against all institutional force, the principles of freedom and liberty prevailed over communist control.

Our shared values are powerful, and one person can make a difference.  Everyone has a role to play…

Join us in saving Illinois from the forces that are decimating it.

Adam Andrzejewski
For The Good of Ilinois PAC | Chairman

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