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Press Release: DuPage County Clerk and States Attorney Asked to Investigate Milton Township

September 18, 2012
Contact: Adam Andrzejewski, 312.320.1867

Notice given to DuPage County Clerk and State’s Attorney on
Milton Township Budget Ordinances Falsification

Internal township emails and video used as corroborating evidence

Hinsdale, IL – Today Adam Andrzejewski, Chairman of For the Good of Illinois PAC, sent a Letter of Notice to DuPage County Clerk Gary King and DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin. The subject of the notice is the filing of the Milton Township Budget Ordinances, a statutory responsibility of the Township Clerk under 35 ILCS 200/18-50.

On March 27, 2012, the Board approved one set of numbers at a Township Public Budget Hearing, but another set of numbers was officially filed with County Clerk Gary King’s Office on March 29.

Andrzejewski states, “Approving a township annual budget is a simple process. But two elected officials, Clerk Gail Hinkle and Supervisor Chris Heidorn submitted budget ordinances with numbers that had not been voted on and then falsified meeting minutes to cover it up.”

Andrzejewski’s organization has spent the last five months exposing the malfeasance of the Milton Township Supervisor, Clerk, and Board of Trustees majority. This Letter of Notice is the latest discovery in his efforts to clean up Milton Township.

An email exchange between Supervisor Heidorn and Clerk Gail Hinkle indicates they realized the wrong numbers were voted on by the Board. While an amendment process is available to Township officials, there is no evidence that the Clerk and Supervisor availed themselves of this option.

The video of the meeting provides evidence that the following dollar amounts were voted upon:
Town Fund: $2,663,709 and Road Fund: $1,909,016.

The Budget Ordinances filed with the County Clerk’s office on March 29 are as follows:
Town Fund: $2,320,383 and Road Fund: $1,917,484.

Andrzejewski is calling on DuPage County Clerk Gary King and State’s Attorney Bob Berlin to use the resources of their offices to open an investigation into Milton Township’s handling of their statutory duties in the filing of the annual Budget Ordinances.


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