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Reform 1, Machine 0- Sen Kyle McCarter vs. John O. Jones

“This is battle for the heart and soul of the Illinois Republican Party!” 

Adam Andrzejewski | Kankakee Daily Journal, December 15, 2011

On March 20th, Illinois holds primary elections. It is a referendum on the future. The true split in the Illinois Republican Party is the reform wing vs. the patronage wing.  If Illinois has a future, the party must embrace reform.

Yesterday, we won the first battle.

A strong fiscal conservative, Sen. Kyle McCarter (R-Lebanon) is a young rising Republican force.  An old political bull armed with union support, Sen. John O. Jones- Assistant Senate Republican Leader- was jumping districts to take McCarter out. This year, McCarter led on the two salient issues facing Illinois: spending cuts and real workers compensation reform.

Sen. McCarter filed his petitions to get on the ballot with 1,750 signatures, well over 1000 required by law. Yesterday, the Illinois State election board found that Sen Jones filed with only 959 valid signatures- none of which he circulated himself.

Furthermore, seven signed affidavits alleged petition signature forgery. Evidence of more forgery was gathered on five more petition sheets. Rather than fight these legal assertions, Jones decided to drop out of the race. In addition, the objector was prepared to present information to the State Inspector General that union reps circulated nine pages of petitions on government property:  inside a state prison and a school.

For The Good of Illinois PAC helped fund this successful challenge.

Step by step, our objective is to dismantle the patronage establishment that is financially decimating Illinois. Suspected frauds and ethics violations must be stamped out of the Illinois political process. We have a moral obligation to fight corruptions.

Reform 1, Machine 0

Help us continue to successfully bring a New Day to Illinois.  Please donate $25, $50, $250 or $500 to For The Good of Illinois PAC.

Adam Andrzejewski
Chairman | For The Good of Illinois PAC

Citizen volunteers across Illinois are serious about reform… For The Good of Illinois recounts the massive impact during 2011.  Read the recap, “The 2011 Strenuous Life.”

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