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Repeal Illinois’ Corruption Tax- Example of Milton Township

Just tell them… the books are closed.”
Employee email to Milton Township Supervisor Chris Heidorn

To clean up the mess, state and local spending needs to be subjected to aggressive transparency and adversarial audits.

We’re right about this.  Here’s an example…

For the last couple of months, we’ve exposed “the malfeasance” of Milton Township (DuPage County):

  1. Evidence that official budget documents were falsified;
  2. Employees authorized to sign payroll checks;
  3. Eight years of no formal employee management;
  4. Employees on credit card spending sprees;
  5. Assets used to help candidates run for office;
  6. Secret audio/video surveillance of citizens and employees.
  7. Emails suggesting repeated drinking/driving of township van.
    Source:  What’s the Matter with Milton Township? Employee Ralph Hinkle

This week, “independent” auditors identified some of these and additional problems when releasing the township’s annual audit.

What did Supervisor Chris Heidorn and the auditors do about it? They hid it in an “internal” management letter, here.  Read Supervisor’s email to trustees, here.

We’ve got news for Milton Township:  it’s attorney-client privilege, not accountant- client privilege!

Read our report exposing the Supervisor that no formal management system existed for eight years- no time cards, job descriptions, or job activity reports.

In the audit letter, the auditors didn’t say “ghost pay roller”, but it’s about as close as it gets.

Read our report that showcased thousands of taxpayer dollars spent on fine dining, gas purchases without documentation, mileage logs or receipts.

The auditors describe it as a “significant deficiency” in spending controls.

We’re demanding that taxpayers are reimbursed in full. It’s tens of thousands of dollars.

Illinois has too many government entities with too much spending with too little oversight.

Aggressive transparency and adversarial, forensic audits will repeal the Illinois corruption tax. Help us today.

Adam Andrzejewski
For The Good of Ilinois PAC | Chairman

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