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State Senator Dale Righter (R-Mattoon) Wrong!

I’m a conservative. I campaign for conservatives. I know conservatives.
Roger Eddy is no conservative!

That’s why Sen. Dale Righter, Deputy Republican Minority Leader, is simply WRONG to ask you to join in “supporting a true conservative… Roger Eddy.”

Who’s Righter kidding?

Here we have the second highest ranking Republican in the senate endorsing a guy that the Wall Street Journal called the “face of Republican failure.” No wonder Righter’s title says… minority leader.

It’s just another reason why Illinois Republicans are the minority party.

Click here to review Righter’s “True Conservative” endorsement of Eddy.

If you review Roger Eddy’s record of hiking taxes, increasing spending, and protecting double dipping, it should be no surprise that teachers unions and bureaucrat associations are his biggest campaign contributors.

Eddy’s record is one of untrammeled expansion of government. He gutted local property tax caps, and promoted county-by-county sales tax hikes across Illinois. Dale Righter knows that, like liberal presidential candidate John Kerry, Roger Eddy voted for the 67% income tax hike (Hb750) before he voted against it. Now, Roger Eddy won’t even pledge to repeal it.

So here’s a primer for Senator Righter: Listen to  Gov. Chris Christie on teachers unions, Gov. Mitch Daniels talk property tax cuts, and Gov. Scott Walker spearheading spending cuts.

Roger Eddy splits the Republican party from its base of productive taxpayers, businesses, entrepreneurs, and middle class families by doing the bidding of the spending interests that are bankrupting Illinois.

We deserve principled leadership.

Help us model the Illinois GOP after Govs. Christie, Daniels, and Walker. Without you, the Illinois Republican party has no future. Please donate $25, $50, $100, $250 or $500 today.


Chairman | For The Good of Illinois PAC

PS For The Good of Illinois PAC is endorsing bold, independent leaders in statehouse primaries. This week we endorsed Sen. Ron Sandack, here.

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1 Response to "State Senator Dale Righter (R-Mattoon) Wrong!"

  1. Comment by Caio on March 7, 2012 at 1:12 am said:

    GOP House better not even think about hilodng a vote on more state bailouts. This is a critical thing they must stand firm. We need the states that have pursued socialist policies to feel the pain of those decisions.