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Roger Eddy (R-Hutsonville) Officially Exits Race

From the Journal Gazette- Times Courier
Mattoon- Charleston

SPRINGFIELD (JG-TC) — State Rep. Roger Eddy formally notified state election  officials Tuesday that he has withdrawn from the primary for the 110th House  district seat.

The Hutsonville Republican’s name will still appear on the March 20 ballot,  but he said he wanted to make it clear to voters that he will not continue his  bid for the post if he were to still win the three-way primary.

Eddy, a school superintendent, last month was named the new chief of the  Illinois Association of School Boards. He plans to start his new job July 1.

“I just think it is ethically prudent to inform voters that I’m not going to  serve as the representative of the 110th district,” Eddy said. “If they vote for  me, they are voting for someone who won’t serve.”

Eddy has the top ballot spot, followed by Republicans Kevin Garner of Toledo  and Brad Halbrook of Shelbyville.

Halbrook has been the more visible opponent, garnering $48,000 in campaign  cash from Chicago-area political action committees.

Eddy, who has served in the Illinois House for 10 years, is not endorsing  either of his former opponents.

“The timing of this was unfortunate,” Eddy said.

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