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Serious About Reform? Al Nudo vs. John Bambenek

Is the Illinois Republican establishment serious about reform?

Our recent emails have highlighted the deep Republican problems: 

The Face of Republican Failure (Rep. Roger Eddy)
Reform 1- Machine 0 (Sen. Kyle McCarter vs. Sen. John O. Jones)

Unfortunately, here’s another example…

In 2008, state policy expert John Bambenek literally co-wrote the book on reform, Illinois Deserves Better.  Bambenek correctly forecast the future problems and identified the solutions.  During my campaign for Governor of Illinois, I ran on many of the ideas.

This summer, Bambenek declared for the state senate.  Two months later, the Republican establishment hand-picked an opponent- county board member, Al Nudo.  Proud of spearheading sales tax hikes, watch here as Nudo tries selling it to the U of I College Republicans with an Obama line, “tax hikes create jobs”.

But, it gets worse…

According to Secretary of State records, Al Nudo is the President of Robeson’s, Inc and Robeson’s is the Managing Partner of Triple R Development LLC.  In 2006-7, Triple R was one of the largest in-district campaign donors to… the now incumbent state senator, Democrat Mike Frerichs.  During this period, Triple R gave $5,000 to Frerichs.  Thanks to this help in 2006, Frerichs beat the Republican by only 542 votes for the state senate seat.

Help us stop tax hiking establishment Republicans that use the corporate shell game to hide big cash donations to Democrats!

If you’re serious about reform, help us elect principled Republicans in the primary.  Please give $25, $50, $100, $250 or $500 to For The Good of Illinois PAC.

Adam Andrzejewski
Chairman | For The Good of Illinois PAC

PS This fall we we were first to forecast “The Next Income Tax Hike”. This week, Quinn’s own budget forecast admitted as much.  Jim Dey’s Champaign News Gazette column gives us credit, read here.

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