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The Dana Show, NewsTalk 97.1 St. Louis- Illinois Corruption on Steroids


Please listen to the 10 minute podcast of “The Dana Show” with guest, “Adam Andrzejewski, click here.


A radio interview with the charming Dana Loesch always covers a lot of ground.  Yesterday, the interview did not disappoint…

In the Metro East, the City of Wood River donated to the Wood River Twp Democratic Precinct organization.  That’s taxpayer money into a political parties campaign committee and that’s illegal.

The problems start with the state’s top law enforcement officer-  Attorney General Lisa Madigan has 727 employees including 440 lawyers and has only 15 prosecutions for public corruption since 2002!

Andrzejewski highlights the culture of corruption in this city, whereby the small crimes turn into the big crimes.  Three co-signers of this check were the City Clerk, City Finance Director and Asst. Finance Director.  Three years later the Assistant Finance Director is convicted of a felony for stealing $143,000 out of the payroll account.

Andrzejewski highlights the City of Waukegan where $2,400 was donated by the City of the AFL-CIO PAC.  It was three payments and at least one of those payments was signed off on by the mayor.

Andrzejewski highlights the City of Urbana.  They allowed a councilman running countywide to hold a campaign press conference at City Hall in the council chambers!

In Illinois, corruption is on steriods.

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