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The Tightest Ship in DuPage County- Milton Township?

By Adam Andrzejewski

We run a tight ship here for the taxpayers…
Milton Township Supervisor Chris Heidorn, June 1, 2012

What’s the Matter with Milton Township?  Read our second post in a series.

In our first post, we proved that;

  • Milton Township was cash rich
  • The Top Ten Employees Make $1 Million in total compensation
  • The property tax levy continues to be hiked
  • For 8 years the Supervisor had virtually no formal employee management system.

Now, we examine one employee, Ralph Hinkle. What did we discover?

Hinkle’s team spent thousands of taxpayer dollars on travel junkets, and fine dining; spent thousands more for gas purchases without receipts, mileage or travel logs.

Did Hinkle use his township credit card as his personal payday loanRead the story.

Spanning multiple election cycles, were township assets converted to political use?  We question 137 cell phone calls made by Hinkle to candidates, politicians and political activists. We object to Township email being used to run for office or find party headquarters.

Then, we uncovered potentially large liabilities:

Was a “secret surveillance” program installed?  Without legal opinion or board approval, the non-transparent process to install township building surveillance resulted in a price quote “…to record audio at the assessor’s desk”- unbeknownst to the assessor!

For weeks after installation, were citizens secretly taped without notice?   Read the story.

Did township employees drink and drive in township vehicles?  The allegation is corroborated by township email. But, we have no evidence that anyone was held accountable. This seems typical when governmental units are run by insiders.

What a mess.

Do you think this is a Democratic townshipNope.

It’s time.  Illinois is loaded with too many small units of government that have become slush funds for political cliques. Let’s streamline the process whereby citizens can vote to eliminate townships.

Let’s give citizens a choice…

For the good of Illinois.


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