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The Truth About Lisa Madigan- Follow Up to Report on Patronage Pay Increases

Meanwhile, aides… to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan
said their office have not given out raises as of late.

Better Government Association (BGA), Report Sept. 26, 2011

Watch WGN-Tribune “Politics Tonight” interview here 9/25/12

One year ago,the Attorney General’s office claimed no pay increases. Even while denying doing it, Lisa Madigan was doling out pay raises to political pals!

In the month before and three days after the denial, the Attorney General handed out some really big raises:

  • Courtney E. Levy received a 27% increase.   From a Director of Scheduling to a  Director of Scheduling & Advance, Levy went from $43,512 to $55,008, a      $11,496 bump.       
  • Patrick J. Ryan received a 36% increase.  From Executive Assistant to “Senior”  Executive Assistant Ryan went from $47,820 to 65,004, a $17,184 bump.

Last week, we reported on Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s Patronage Politics57 political hires received $460,000 in pay increases.  Our report was showcased on “Politics Tonight”; WGN- Tribune CLTV; WCIA- TV (Springfield-Champaign) 10pm news;  the Jim Fischer Program- WOC (Quad Cities); the Riley & Scot #1 morning show on WROK (Rockford); and 97.9 WXEF- Effingham..

When we released our report,  press release, and database  Lisa Madigan changed her story…

Asking Lisa Madigan to Tell the Truth

Now, Lisa Madigan admits to political pay hikes via a written statement to Chicago Tribune reporter, Rick Pearson: “Of the total headcount of the AG’s Office, there are 460 “exempt” or AAG employees. Of that 460, this is a list of 57 employees.”  Watch WGN-Chicago CLTV interview here.

Bingo- that’s our point:  the state is broke, unless you’re a friend of Lisa Madigan.

The Attorney General’s $460,000 in pay hikes to political appointees dwarf the raises given by Gov. Quinn, Secretary of State Jesse White, Comptroller Judy Barr-Topinka, and Treasurer Dan Rutherford.

Connected friends of Lisa Madigan get the big pay days.  Taxpayers get the bill.

Adam Andrzejewski
For The Good of Ilinois PAC | Chairman

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