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“Why I’m Running for State Representative” by Brad Halbrook


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Why I’m running for state representative in the new 110 House District.

I’m running against a five time incumbent state rep because Illinois is an economic basketcase and the laughing stock of the country. The solution is new people with new ideas.  I’m running on a platform of lower income taxes and capping property taxes, accountability and transparency.

We can step down and eliminate the 67% income tax hike if we prudently cut spending and bring other reforms like real workers compensation reform.  I support Sen. Kyle McCarter’s (R-Lebanon) Reality Check budget plan that does just this.

Do you think it’s unfair that your home value falls and your property tax bill increases?  I agree.  Last month, my opponent voted against a three year property tax freeze for homeowners facing this exact circumstance.

I advocate more accountability through more and deeper forensic auditing of all state spending.  We need to Open The Books on all public spending with 100% real time transparency. These measures will save billions in waste, fraud and abuse.

My opponent is business-as-usual.

As a Republican, Eddy advocates higher income taxes, sales taxes, and property taxes.  In 2007, Eddy voted for the 67% income tax hike.  Eddy’s signature piece of legislation is a sales tax hike.  Thankfully, on Feb 2, 2010, Coles County taxpayers defeated this 1% “sales tax hike for schools”.  Eddy is so proud of it, he “sells” the tax hike with promotional videos across Illinois.

In May, 2010, The Wall Street Journal called Eddy “a new breed” of Illinois Republican and the “face of republican failure”.  Why?  Because Eddy is funded and controlled by the public unions who advocate across the board tax hikes.  As a double dipper, Eddy is unwilling to reform the system because he makes over $283,500 yearly at taxpayer expense by working the system.

This week, I posted three years of my income tax returns.  Since 1994, my wife and I own a successful fence contracting company.  I have received no taxpayer monies or government contracts.  I call on Roger Eddy to post his income tax returns.  After five terms in Springfield, Eddy needs to prove that he’s not trading on his office.

I’m running against Eddy because the Illinois Republican Party needs a referendum on our future direction.  Are we going to be the party of big taxing and double dipping?  Or is the Republican Party going to stand for fiscal responsibility and real reform?

Those are the stakes of this primary.

Brad Halbrook
Candidate for State Representative, 110th House District

For additional information, contact Susan Petty 217.821.6546
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