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Why Milton Township?

We’re sinners; but, we’re small sinners.”
Refrain of the DuPage County townships

If the road to Hell is paved with the asphalt of good intentions, then “small sinners” are oil that binds that asphalt.  Illinois is literally bleeding to death from the deeds of so-called “small sinners,” and the time has come to shine a spotlight on their supposedly “small” sins.

In the 1990’s, New York City crime was cleaned up by Mayor Rudy Giuliani through implementation of the “broken windows theory” of criminology. This theory held that an ordered, maintained and clean environment sends the signal that people are watching. Conversely, broken windows, graffiti, and litter send the message that the area isn’t monitored and bad behavior has little risk of being countered.

As the City of New York started to go after “the small stuff”- vandalism, turnstile jumpers, taggers- the social systems of entire neighborhoods started to improve.  Both minor and major criminal statistics improved dramatically.

Across Illinois, we’ve led the way in exposing just how much “small sins” are costing you.

Using OpentheBooks.com, you’ll see:

Local village managers out-earning all 50 governors; Cook County school district treasurers out-earning the state treasurer and here; top  local park district directors out-earning the state director of parks and here; and the Billionaire Bureaucrat Club of 3,062 mostly local government types who collectively make $1 billion in total compensation.

Still not convinced?  Here are three more examples:

  • Taxes for Taxi’s- $50 million – a handful of school districts, a limited number of taxi cab companies, most without negotiated “contracts”-  spend $50 million.
  • Legal Pension Corruption– hundreds of private employees (not working for taxpayers) spiking salaries and padding their taxpayer guaranteed public pensions.
  • Grayslake Wage Explosion– a small town reducing employees but exploding the payroll.

Our next few posts and emails will highlight the situation at one DuPage County government entity- Milton Township.  Why?

Because, we must clean up Illinois by successfully bringing good government to our own backyards.  As you see what happens in just one small government entity, we hope that you use OpentheBooks.com transparency portal to delve into the doings of your town, township and school district.

At OpentheBooks.com, the payroll, pension, statistical, and vendor spending tools have been provided free to you.

Start searching at OpentheBooks.com. You’ll find all the “small sinners” in your neighborhood and the huge costs they generate.

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  1. Comment by spintreebob on May 30, 2012 at 2:36 pm said:

    In the Fawell family business? Hard to believe.
    In IL politics run is the family business; Think Marlon Brando’s family. Each family knows its turf. Certain families run departments of the Secretary of State office. Or appointments to the Courts; or the legislature (It’s always nice when the Godfather controls the other chamber.) To get in the family, you don’t have to be a blood relative…just someone who somebody sent. It’s convenient to have the right Godfather.