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What You’re Thinking- 74% Freeze Property Taxes Now

                     225 N. Washington Street, Hinsdale, IL 60521  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE […]

What You’re Thinking- 77% Illinois Headed in Wrong Direction

                      225 N. Washington Street, Hinsdale, IL 60521  FOR IMMEDIATE […]

The Truth About Lisa Madigan- Follow Up to Report on Patronage Pay Increases

“Meanwhile, aides… to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan said their office have not given out raises as of late.” Better […]

WGN-Tribune Chicagoland Television: Politics Tonight with Rick Pearson- Lisa Madigan’s Pay Hikes to Political Appointees

On September 25th, 2012, on the CLTV WGN-Chicago Tribune program Politics Tonight with Rick Pearson, Chairman of For The Good […]

REPORT: Lisa Madigan’s Political Patronage- 57 “Political Appointees” Receive $460,628 in Pay Hikes

57 POLITICAL PALS RECEIVED $460,628 IN PAY HIKES  Click here for Press Release Attorney General Lisa Madigan When it comes to […]

What’s The Matter With Milton Township III? Supervisor Chris Heidorn

REPORT:  WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH MILTON TOWNSHIP? Supervisor Chris Heidorn “There’s a doctrine in law called respondeat superior (Latin) which […]

Cap Property Taxes First, Shift Pensions Second- Chicago Tribune Sunday Edition, Opinion Editorial

By Bruno Behrend August 12, 2012 Bruno Behrend is executive director of For the Good of Illinois, an Illinois nonprofit […]