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Press Release: DuPage County Clerk and States Attorney Asked to Investigate Milton Township

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 18, 2012 Contact: Adam Andrzejewski, 312.320.1867 Notice given to DuPage County Clerk and State’s Attorney […]

Repeal Illinois’ Corruption Tax- Example of Milton Township

“Just tell them… the books are closed.” Employee email to Milton Township Supervisor Chris Heidorn To clean up the mess, […]

What’s the Matter with Milton Township? Supervisor Chris Heidorn Fourth Report

“Just tell them… the books are closed.” Milton Township employee Ralph Hinkle to his bosses | August 15th, 2012 Despite […]

What’s The Matter With Milton Township III? Supervisor Chris Heidorn

REPORT:  WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH MILTON TOWNSHIP? Supervisor Chris Heidorn “There’s a doctrine in law called respondeat superior (Latin) which […]

Political Crony or Valued Employee? Daily Herald Covers Our Milton Township Report

By Robert Sanchez Daily Herald, July 23, 2012 Read the full story at:  http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20120723/news/707239909/ Is Ralph Hinkle a dedicated township […]

What’s the Matter with Milton Township II? Supervisor Chris Heidorn’s Employee: Ralph Hinkle

by Adam Andrzejewski “Since Ralph Hinkle started for me he has reported to me on a daily basis, in person, […]

The Tightest Ship in DuPage County- Milton Township?

By Adam Andrzejewski “We run a tight ship here for the taxpayers…” Milton Township Supervisor Chris Heidorn, June 1, 2012 […]

Debating Milton Township Management

To download a pdf copy, click here:  Debating Milton Township Management. Debating Milton Township Management by Adam Andrzejewski June 5, […]

A Million Here, A Million There- Milton Township

 …and sooner or later you are talking about real money. We are paraphrasing Everett Dirksen’s famous quote* because 100s of […]

Why Milton Township?

“We’re sinners; but, we’re small sinners.” Refrain of the DuPage County townships If the road to Hell is paved with […]