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WGN-Tribune Chicagoland Television: Politics Tonight with Rick Pearson- Lisa Madigan’s Pay Hikes to Political Appointees

On September 25th, 2012, on the CLTV WGN-Chicago Tribune program Politics Tonight with Rick Pearson, Chairman of For The Good […]

REPORT: Lisa Madigan’s Political Patronage- 57 “Political Appointees” Receive $460,628 in Pay Hikes

57 POLITICAL PALS RECEIVED $460,628 IN PAY HIKES  Click here for Press Release Attorney General Lisa Madigan When it comes to […]

Repeal Illinois’ Corruption Tax- Example of Milton Township

“Just tell them… the books are closed.” Employee email to Milton Township Supervisor Chris Heidorn To clean up the mess, […]

My 9/11 Remarks from September 11, 2011

It is my privilege and honor to be your speaker today. September 11, 2001 was the worst terrorist attack America […]

What’s The Matter With Milton Township III? Supervisor Chris Heidorn

REPORT:  WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH MILTON TOWNSHIP? Supervisor Chris Heidorn “There’s a doctrine in law called respondeat superior (Latin) which […]

Complaint Filed Over State Employees At PUSH Meeting, Jim Dey | Champaign News-Gazette

August 25, 2012, page A-6 A March meeting in Chicago that featured the Rev. Jesse Jackson and House Minority Leader […]

“A State Agency Scandal” is National News- Daily Caller, Drudge, Fox News, Hot Air, The Blaze, Gateway

“IL State Workers Forced to Attend Political Event” “Pelosi Pickle” Quick links from around the web regarding the story we broke […]

“Blatantly Polical” by Matthew Boyle at DailyCaller.com IL State Workers Forced To Attend Pelosi, Jackson Event on Taxpayer Dime

Whistle-blower,  documents: Ill. state workers forced to attend Pelosi, Jesse Jackson Jr. event  on taxpayer dime August 14, 2012 By […]

Cap Property Taxes First, Shift Pensions Second- Chicago Tribune Sunday Edition, Opinion Editorial

By Bruno Behrend August 12, 2012 Bruno Behrend is executive director of For the Good of Illinois, an Illinois nonprofit […]

Meet Tax Hike Mike

Meet Tax Hike Mike “The final straw was when Illinois raised its income taxes. That did it for me.” Gayle […]